What I Do

Life is a journey. Even the little roads will take you as far as the highway. Be patient. Be persistent. Be intentional. Do no give up!!



Phila has travelled across the Kingdom of Eswatini and South Africa hosting a myriad of events. His mixture of humor, dance and wit, have proved popular with audiences of all ages and races. Whether it is hosting the University of Johannesburg’s 1st year event with a plethora of young people, to the traditionally mature audience of Coca-Cola Swaziland during team building and end of year function, Phila handles it like a pro. To hosting one of Africa’s biggest and best food and Lifestyle Festivals, the Standard Bank Luju Food & Lifestyle fest. Phila is a mixture of fun and fact, with jokes and well researched statistics that fit into whatever event he is handling at that moment. He is “The Great Dlamini”


In the same vain, Phila has partnered with plenty of organization inside and outside the Kingdom of Eswatini to share some of his thought provoking talks on Academic excellence, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Skills development. Phila has trained young leaders across the Kingdom of Swaziland. He has spoken on Leadership in almost every province in South Africa and was given the chance to do the same in Zimbabwe. His heart for young people has been evident in his willingness to partner with youth led organizations to encourage Personal Leadership and Entrepreneurship. He is currently the Host of Eswatini’s leading live talk show, “Simply Speaking”, where he moderates speaks on wise ranging issues. Phila has also used his academic background to partner with training and skills development companies, in order to share his knowledge with people.


A One Young World Ambassador, Phila is an activist for Human Rights. He works a lot in Education, encouraging young people to use education as the tool that it is to transform their lives. He travels across Swaziland speaking to young leaders on issues of academic excellence and personal leadership. Phila is also involved in a project called Art Against Abuse, where he and a few other artists and entrepreneurs work together to raise awareness on Gender Based Violence. The 4 musk-art-eers, as they are affectionately known is a partnership between Ph.D, Sands (musician), Sgonian Republik (Clothiers) and Honest Creations (Fine Art). This project has seen them partner with the U.S Embassy in the Kingdom of Eswatini, Kwakha Indvodza (a male mentoring NGO) and a few other organizations. Phila is currently the co-founder and co-host of “Simply Speaking”, a live talk show that seeks to bring Eswatini personalities closer to their supporters. The show also seeks to raise awareness on issue that affect the country. The most recent focus being on Mental Health. Especially depression, attempted suicide and survival.